GENE INFO SITES   Sites with information about genes and genomics.
Information on Genes (Questions about genetics with answers from experts)

Information online:
Online Genetics Education Resources at (NHGRI)
Connotea shared bookmarks of the scientific literature shared bookmarks all over the web (my own)
wikipedia on genetics
NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information.   
 at NCBI. Free access to a database of biomedical and scientific literature
Books  at NCBI. Free access to online books on biomedical topics.
 Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man. Genetic diseases and the genes that cause them
human SNPs
at NCBI. A repository for single nucleotide polymorphisms
Blogs and communities:
Nature Network blogs and forums including many related to genetics.
Scintilla A place to organise, share and discover exactly the information that you're interested in.
The DNA Network Several dozen related blogs, including
     Bertalan Meskó on Personalized Medicine (part of ScienceRoll)
     Steve Murphy, MD as The Gene Sherpa A sherpa "speaks the language of the trail" (personalized medicine) and "knows short cuts and dangerous paths to avoid."
Postgenomic Interesting things done with posts from hundreds of science blogs.
Genome Technology Online A daily digest of the day's blogs
Relevant Media:
New York Times
     The DNA Age explores the impact of new genetic technology on American life.
The Washington Post (see especially articles by Rick Weiss).

Personalized Genetics Companies:
Navigenics Offers a personalized genetic analysis.
23andMe "GENETICS IS ABOUT TO GET PERSONAL. Don't panic. We're here to help."
Helix Health "Personalized medicine for the 21st century"
deCODEme "The company that has led in the discovery of genes that confer risk of common diseases"
Personal Genome Project Volunteers from the general public working together with researchers.
Knome, Inc. The first to offer complete genome sequence and analysis services.
Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative (CPMC) is enrolling individuals in a research study.

Professional Organizations:
GSA  The Genetics Society of America.
Center for Genetics and Society
The Genetic Alliance, a coalition of more than 600 advocacy organizations serving 25 million people affected by 1000 conditions.

Model Organisms
MGI Mouse Genome Informatics
Information about Drosophila melanogaster, the fruit fly.
TAIR The Arabidopsis thaliana Information Resource

Technical:  Kan'sLinks   Bio-Web   NEB   Ambion  Omics  Blencowe  Pitt  Biodirectory

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